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Pre-Transplant Preparations {Update#1} (移植前必须准备事项)

Pre-Transplant Preparations (移植前必备事项) {Update#1}
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Background (背景): I'm a diabetic for many years and was on dialysis prior to the operation (在手术之前, 我是一个糖尿病患者并且是在透析).

I believe the following factors will contribute to the successful surgery as well as a faster healing process (我相信以下因素将造成手术的成功以及一个更加快速的恢复过).
My diet during dialysis period (我的饮食在透析期):
  1. Two to four egg white daily (每日两到四个蛋)
  2. Consume beef for lunch during dialysis day (在透析日,午餐食用牛)
Two weeks before surgery (在手前的两个星):
1.          Six egg white daily (每日六个蛋)
2.          Consume beef and fish daily (吃牛)
At all times ():
  1. No smoking ()
  2. No drinking ( 禁酒)
  3. Exercise for 3-4 times weekly (每周锻炼3-4)
To assess one's health conditions and to pass the hospital's Review Committee, following medical check-ups are necessary (医疗检):
  1. Echocardiography (回波绘图仪 - 用超频率音响检查心)
  2. Treadmill Stress Test (踏车压力测)
  3. CT Scan Iliac Arteries and Veins (CT扫描髂动脉和静)
  4. CT Coronary Angiogram & Calcium Score (CT冠状管造影术&钙比)
  5. Gastroscopy (胃镜检)
  6. Tissue Typing & Antibody Identification (组织键入&抗体证)
Matters to Note (应注义事项):
After the surgery, one should not undertake another major surgery.  Prior to the surgery, one should:
1.  Have a dental checkup and fix all necessary teeth filings
2.  Any concerns from the CT Scan, they should be resolved prior to the surgery

3.  Do not undertake blood transfusion prior to the surgery (不要在手术之前输)

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