Monday, 26 May 2014

Blood Test Report & Creatinine (验血报告&肌酸酐)

Doctor ordered a blood test regarding my Urine Chemistry (尿化) and Kidney Profile (肾脏功能) on Saturday and result was available within two hours.

Results for Creatinine (肌酸), Potassium () and Urea (尿) went beyond the acceptable range.

In an earlier post, I have mentioned that Cyclosporine may affect the reading of Creatinine and Potassium.  Though my Creatinine has been fluctuating but it never went beyond the acceptable range.

Doctor decided to reduce the evening dosage of Cyclosporine by 25mg.  He will order a C2 test on Cyclosporine next week.

A high level of Urea indicates that the kidney may not be working properly or being dehydrated (low body water content). As I am passing urine with good volume and tend to urine more often after midnight, Doctor decided to monitor the situation closely and not taking any further actions.  (高级尿素表明肾脏可能不适当地运作或被脱水 (低身体水含量) 好尿量并且经常趋向尿在午夜,医生决定严密地监测和不采取任何另外行动)

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