Thursday, 22 May 2014

Post-Transplant Medications (移植之后疗程)

Rejection Prophylaxis
1.        Neoral (Cyclosporine)
2.        Cellcept.
- Both Neoral & Cellcept must be taken every 12 hours and taken on time
- Cyclosporine may cause potassium retention & increased blood pressure.
3.        Methylprednisolone
- For the treatment of Immunosuppression
- To be taken AFTER foods
- For the treatment of GERD
Insulin Aspart
- For the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes

Two methods to monitor (监测) the "Concentration” (浓度) of Cyclosporine & Cellcept:
(A)     C0 (谷值) also known as the lowest concentration – To draw blood within one hour to half an hour before the next dosage
(B)     C2 (峰值) also known as the highest concentration – To draw blood, two hours exactly, after taking (服用) taking the dosage
It is important to monitor the concentration:
(A)     Insufficient dosage will cause rejection from the new kidney
(B)        Taking too much of Cyclosporine may lead to higher creatinine

Matters to Note (应注义事项):
1.        High dosage of Cellcept & Methylprednisolone will reduce the immunization (免疫).  Doctor should reduce dosage from as early as third week to forth week, the latest, subsequent to the surgery.
2.        Reading of White Blood Cell is a good indicator whether one is infected or not.
3.        Taking both Cyclosporine & Cellcept with fresh milk will tend to give better absorption within the system

4.        Wear face mask for at least two months whenever going out.  Avoid going to crowded places for at least one year due to low or no immunization (每当出去, 戴着面罩至少两个月. 由于低或没有免, 去拥挤的地方至少一年)

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