Thursday, 22 May 2014

Post-Transplant Diets (移植之后饮食)

-    Drink as much water as you like
-    Input and output should be around 3 liters
Protein Intake:
-    To promote wound healing and prevent muscle lost
-    Good source of protein include bread, rice, milk, cheese, meat, fish & poultry
-    Chose brown over white rice
-    Chose low fat over full cream milk and cheese
-    I believe eating too much red meat & poultry will give undue pressure to the only kidney I have
-    FISH is my choice over meat & poultry.  I prefer salmon () and mackerel () as both comes with excellent source of omega-3 oils and lean protein
Potassium Level:
-    I experienced excessive potassium in my blood in the initial few blood test
-    I have to avoid fruits such as mango and avocado and vegetables such as potato and broccoli with high potassium level
Garlic ()
-    A very powerful antibiotic to help protect the heart and reduce high cholesterol and blood pressure levels (非常强有力的抗生素帮助保护心脏和减少高胆固醇和血压水)
-    I consume raw garlic most of my meal (吃蒜是我的膳食的一部)
Weight Gain
-    -    Prednesolone will tend to improve one’s appetite
-    Avoid foods high in carbohydrates, fats & sugar.  They will cause high glucose level and may cause diabetes
-    Regular exercise to control your weight. I start with brisk walking after the surgery.

Matters to Note (应注义事项):
1.  Do not carry or lift any heavy objects (不要举任何重的东西)
2. Avoid raw foods such as Sushi as the body is lack of immunization (因为身体是缺乏免疫,避免未加工的食物例如寿)

3. As a matter of belief, I don’t consume seafood with shell so to enhance the wound healing process (个人意 - 我不吃壳的海鲜以提高手恢复过)

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