Sunday, 29 June 2014

Blood Test Report & Creatinine {Update#3} (验血报告&肌氨酸酐)

Blood Test Report & Creatinine {Update#3} (验血报告&肌氨酸)
1.5 Months since my surgery, let’s review my Cyclosporine Peak test result, also known as C2 (峰值), and Creatinine (肌氨酸).  Relevant actions had taken place after the results.
Peak (UG/L)
Cyclosporine Taken
17 June 2014
175 mg - OM
150 mg – ON
(reduction in ON)
13 June 2014
175 mg - OM
175 mg – ON
(No actions taken)
9 June 2014
175 mg - OM
175 mg – ON
(reduction in ON)
3 June 2014
Not Tested
Existing Dosage:
200 mg - OM
175 mg – ON

I did not do anything unusual in the manner of taking my drugs as compare to my earlier post “Post-Transplant Medications” (我没有做什么异常以服我的药方):
1.     I always take my drugs on time (我总是准时服我的)
2.     I take my drugs with HL milk for better absorption and for my daily calcium intake (我使HL牛奶服药达更好的吸收和完部分每日钙的需)

Do take note that renal doctor DID NOT adjust the dosage on the basis of test results alone.  There are other indicators that he will review before making the final and crucial decision. (注意à 肾脏医生没有根据单独测试结果调整剂量。他在做出最后和关键的决定前将回顾的其他显示)

C2 was taken on 21 June and will be taking on 30 June.  I will post the results after my review with the renal doctor. (C2被采取了621日,并且被采取630日。我在与肾脏医生回顾以后将张贴结)

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