Thursday, 26 June 2014

Urine with Bubbles {Update#1} (持有泡沫的尿)

Urine with Bubbles {Update#1} (泡沫的尿)
I was consulted why whenever a person urinates and there are a lot of bubbles or foam left in the toilet bowl (我被咨询为什么,每当人小便,在马桶有泡沫或很多泡).

Drawn on my personal experience, I suspect he may have kidney failures (我的个人经验,我怀疑他也许有肾衰).  Before drawing conclusion, I decided to further research the topic (在结论前,我决定进一步研究题).

The experts presented following scenarios for this issue:
1.     Dehydration ()
A person may be dehydrated if he has not been drinking sufficient fluids after exercising or during an illness from diarrhea and vomiting.  Thus, passing out concentrated urine
2.     Protein Leakage (蛋白质漏)
There could be protein leaking into the urine implying possible kidney disease.
3.     Infectious ()
There may be a urinary tract infection which may associat with other symptoms.
4.     Diabetes (糖尿)
The person may have diabetes.  Another indication is whether many ants surrounding the toilet bowl after urinating.  Other indications of diabetes include excess thirsty and drowsiness (人也许有糖尿病。另一个征兆是否是许多蚂蚁围拢马桶在小便以后。糖尿病的其他征兆包括额外口渴和睡)

I am not an expert and I suggest seeking for consultation soonest possible to identity the reason and seeking for treatments immediately to prevent further deterioration.  (我不是专家,我建议寻找专家为咨询因和立刻寻求治疗防止进一步恶化)

UPDATE: I brought my sons for the urine test.  Test results were presented to me in medical terms.  Here is a good Reference Site for you to interpret the test results.

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