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Osteoporosis and Calcium (骨质疏松症和钙)

A high percentage of kidney transplant patient will develop Osteoporosis – A reduction in bone mineral density and thus increase the risk of fracturing.  Such bone loss and fractures even higher for those patients with insulin-dependent diabetes mellitus.  (肾脏移植患者的高百分比将患骨质疏松症对骨头矿物密度的减少和因而增加破碎的风险。这样骨头损失和破裂更高那些病人的有胰岛素依赖糖尿病)

In accordance to Johns Hopkins Medicine, following behaviours increase your chance of getting osteoporosis (约翰霍普金斯医学的依照,以下行为增加您的得到骨质疏松症的机):
1.     Not consuming enough calcium, vitamin D, potassium or protein (不进足够的钙、维生素D、钾或者蛋白)
2.     Not exercising regularly (不经)
3.     Smoking cigarettes ()
4.     Overuse of alcohol (过度使酒精)
5.     Long-term use of such medications as glucocorticoids, some antiseizure drugs and overuse of aluminum-containing antacids (长期用途的这样疗程象glucocorticoids、和过度使一些antiseizure铝包含的抗酸剂药物)
6.     Eating disorders that reduce your body weight (饮食失)

Taking calcium-rich foods like milk and soya products can grow strong bones to protect against osteoporosis developing later (象牛奶和大豆产品的钙丰富的食物可能生长强的骨头以防止受到后骨质疏松). 
1.  Kai Lan (Kale)
2. Chinese and English Spinach ()
3. Chye Sim ()
4. Long and French bean (长和扁)
5. Broccoli (绿花椰)

1. Salmon (
2. Cooked Sardine once a week (1 sardine = 190mg of sardine) {煮熟的沙丁鱼每星期一次(1个沙丁鱼沙丁鱼=190mg)}
3. Ikan Bilis soup and eat the ikan bilis

1. High calcium but low fat milk such as HL Milk (
高钙,但是低脂牛奶例如HL Milk)
2. Four tea-spoons of milk powder (四个茶匙奶)
3. Wholemeal bread (全麦面)
4. Packed soy milk (包装的豆)
5. Exposed your hands to sunlight for 10 minutes between 10am to 3pm
6. Palm full of almond or peanuts daily (每日吃小部杏仁或花)

Matters to Note (应注义事项):
·      Routine screening such as Yearly Assessment of Bone Density (逐年评对骨头的密度)

·      Should not take all calcium (vitamin D) at one time as the body can only absorb 500mg ONE TIME (不应该一次采取所有钙(维生素D),身体只吸收500mg)

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