Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Vitamin D: A Key to a Longer Life? (维生素D :长寿的秘诀)

In an earlier post “Osteoporosis and Calcium”, I have mentioned the important of Calcium and Vitamin D. 

An extract from the following article: “Vitamin D is nicknamed the sunshine vitamin because the body produces vitamin D when exposed to sunlight. People also get Vitamin D through foods like eggs, milk, yogurt, tuna, salmon, cereal and orange juice.” (维生素D起绰号阳光维生素,因为身体生产维生素D,当暴露在阳光。人们通过象鸡蛋、牛奶、酸奶、金枪鱼、三文鱼、谷物和橙汁的食物也得到维生素D) Here is the original article: Vitamin D: A Key to a Longer Life?

Vitamin D is highly essential for post-transplant patients (移植患者之后需高度维生素D) – Taking the right foods to build bones density.   Consult your physician prior to taking Vitamin D supplements.

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