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Post-Transplant Medications {Update#1} (移植之后疗程)

Hypoglycaemia {Update#1} (低血糖)

In this update, I wish to share my recent experience of hypoglycaemia and what is the appropriate ways to treat it under different circumstances.

In one of my meals, I took slice fish and vegetable soup WITHOUT any carbohydrates items, such as brown rice and wholemeal bread, to go along.  At exactly two hours after my meal, my glucose level was 3.9mmol/L.  Please read on how to treat Hypoglycemia.

According to the Dietitian, I have to include a portion of carbohydrates item in all my meals to avoid Hypoglycaemia.  Without any carbohydrates item, the system/insulin will use up the any carbohydrates item as store in my body.

What is Hypoglycaemia?

It is a medical term for Low Blood Sugar.  The principal problems arise from an inadequate supply of glucose to the brain.  The most common forms of hypoglycemia occur as a complication of treatment of diabetes mellitus with insulin.

What is the acceptable glucose level?

In local term, the acceptable glucose is above 4.0 mmol/L. Symptoms of hypoglycmia will develop when the glucose falls below 4 mmol/L

Symptoms of hypoglycemia that I have experienced:
·      Sweating
·      Shaking or trembling
·      Hunger
·      Mood changes such as sad or angry
·      Confusion
·      Anxiety

Other reports mentioned that if blood sugar drops very low, the person may not be able to respond, becomes unconscious or has a seizure.

How to treat hypoglycaemia under following circumstances:
·      If you experience hypoglycaemia symptom with a blood sugar that is 4.0mmol/L and above, treat it with a small carbohydrates snack.
Blood Sugar Level
4.0mmol/L and above
Take a small carbohydrates snack
Take 15-20g of rapid-acting carbohydrates, e.g.:
Ø Take 3-4 teaspoons of sugar / glucose power
Ø 4-5 glucose tablets
Ø 150-200ml sweetened soft drinks / juice

Take 30g of rapid-acting carbohydrates, e.g.:
Ø Take 6 teaspoons of sugar / glucose power
Ø 8 glucose tablets
Ø 300ml sweetened soft drinks / juice

Further actions
No further actions are required
Re-test after 15 minutes – is the blood sugar >4.0mmol/L?
Follow-up actions
Not Applicable
YES – Depend on when is the next as a starchy carbohydrate may be necessary
Ø Repeat the above step until blood sugar >4.0mmol/L
Ø Seek treatment immediately if blood sugar <4.0mmol/L for 2 cycles
Follow up treatment POST hypoglycaemia
Within 1 hour
NO additional carbohydrates snack.  Go ahead to have meal.
More than 1 hour
Take long acting carbohydrates, e.g.: biscuits or bread.
Personally, I take one slice of wholemeal bread.
Do note that this is only a general guideline.  Discuss with your doctor and adjust according to requirements.

As a diabetic, I always carry my Nano, needed strips and lancets wherever I go.
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Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor. All my blog postings are based on my personal experience that I've went thru and what I've read up from the internet. If you've any symptoms of diabetes OR want to better manage your health, I strongly urge you to have regular medical-ups to avoid future complications. In addition, control your diet portions and have regular exercise. 


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