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Foods NOT Suitable for Diabetic {Update#1} (食物不适于糖尿病患者)

Foods NOT Suitable for Diabetic {Update#1} (食物不适于糖尿病患)
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Fresh Fruits (新鲜水)
One should include more fruits and vegetables in his diet.  Take note of these high sugar contents of fruits
1.     Durian – I am avoiding durian.  However 1-2 seeds are fine
2.     Mango – One slice is fine
3.     Watermelon – Because of its high water content and thus easier to be absorbed into the blood system, it tends to raise the glucose level faster.
4.     Fruit juices – How many fruits to get one glass of juice but can you eat the same amount of fruits given the same time.  High concentration of sugar will kill.

Refined grains or starchy foods (被提炼的五谷或上了浆食)
1.     White Rice
2.     White bread
3.     Yellow noodles – high in sodium and colorings
One should chose slow release carbohydrate items such as whole-meal or multi grains bread

Saturated and trans fats (饱和的和trans)
Cut down on saturated fats and switch to low fat diet:
1.     Avoid butter and use olive oil spread
2.     Instead of taking normal cheese, take low fat and low salt cheese
3.     Chose fish (Salmon and Mackerel are good source of Omega 3) and lean meat
4.     Steam or grill instead of deep frying
5.     Most salad dressing is high in fat and calories
6.     Avoid deep fried food like fried chicken and French fries.  They will increase your bad cholesterol which will increase your risk of heart disease.  Potato is one type of starchy vegetables.
7.     Cakes are loaded with sugar and sodium which will spike your glucose level.

Salts / Sodium ( / )
High consumption of salts may lead to a raise in blood pressure resulting in diabetes, stroke or heart disease. Instead of salt, use herbs and spices to flavor the food.

Sugary Foods (含糖的食)
1.     Honey
2.     Sweets
3.     Ice cream
4.     Condensed milk
5.     Any cereals coated with sugar
6.     Diabetic jam – Tend to come with high carbohydrates
7.     Other forms of sugars (糖的其他形式) –
Sucrose, Maltose, Dextrose, Fructose, Glucose, Galactose, Lactose, High fructose corn syrup, Glucose solids

Matters to Note (应注义事项):
1.     The above diet may not be applicable to an end stage kidney failure patient. Please refer the section on end stage kidney failure. (上述饮食可能不是可适用的对末端阶段肾衰竭患)
2.     Exercise and meals in regular intervals are important to maintain a good glucose level. (锻炼和饭食在正则区间是重要维护一个好葡萄糖水)
3.     Buy a glucose meter reading device to monitor pre and post meal glucose level so that you are aware of which food is not suitable for you. (买葡萄糖计算监测前和膳食以葡萄糖水平,以便您知道哪食物不适用于)
Feel free to drop me a note if you need any recommendations.

·           Oily food will distort the 2-hours post meal glucose reading as the oil will block the sugar after a meal.  Don’t be surprised / happy to see that the glucose level remains at an acceptable range after eating a plate of Char Kway Teow when a post meal reading is conducted.  Econ bee hon is another good example.  Besides oily, it is high in cholesterol.

·           This section is applicable to a diabetic who is on hemodialysis at the moment.  At this stage, end stage organ failure, the organ is not working and thus the insulin does not have much effect.  From my personal experience as well as talking to other dialysis patients, one has to adjust (reduce) the insulin dosage to prevent hypoglycaemic (I was not informed by previous Endocrinologist).  Another surgeon even suggests ceasing the insulin injection.  One may have a very good reading of HbA1c at this stage but the reading may not be representative at all.  My HbA1c reading during dialysis is as good as perfect but now I know it meant nothing.

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