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Post-Transplant Medications {Update#2} (移植之后疗程)

Post-Transplant Medications {Update#2} (移植之后疗)
Finally August is gone! End of August denotes the end of Valganciclovir for me. May be not a standard protocol but it is common to take three months of Valcyte for newly transplanted patient. Besides being one of the priciest medicine I ever came across, one of its side effects is reducing White Blood Cell counts.

Rejection Prophylaxis
1.        Cyclosporine (Neoral®)
- You may refer to my latest post on “Blood Test Report & Creatinine” for my current dosage on Cyclosporine
2.        Mycophenolate  mofetil (Cellcept®)
- Both Neoral® & Cellcept® must be taken every 12 hours and taken on time
- Cyclosporine may cause potassium retention & increased blood pressure
3.        Prednisolone
- A steroid being used to prevent rejection in organ transplantation
- To be taken AFTER foods
The above three drugs are to be taken for life.

- For the treatment of GERD

Insulin Aspart
- For the treatment of Type 2 Diabetes
- Taking 12u (breakfast), 12u (lunch) and 9u (dinner)

Two methods to monitor (监测) the "Concentration” (浓度) of Cyclosporine:
(A)     Cyclosporine  Trough, also known as C0 (谷值), which is the lowest concentration – To draw blood within one hour to half an hour before the next dosage
(B)     Cyclosporine  Peak, also known as C2 (峰值), which is the highest concentration – To draw blood, two hours exactly, after taking (服用) taking the dosage
It is important to monitor the concentration:
(A)     Insufficient dosage will cause rejection from the new kidney
(B)     Taking too much of Cyclosporine may lead to higher creatinine

Matters to Note (应注义事项):
1.        High dosage of Cellcept & Methylprednisolone will reduce the immunization (免疫).  Doctor should reduce dosage from as early as third week to forth week, the latest, subsequent to the surgery.  I am taking the minimum dosage of Prednisolone at the moment.
2.        Taking both Cyclosporine & Cellcept with fresh milk will tend to give better absorption within the system (用新鲜的牛奶进食将会更好的将Cyclosporine & Cellcept吸收在系统内)

3.        Wear face mask for at least three - six months whenever going out.  Avoid going to crowded places for at least one year due to low or no immunization (每当出去, 戴着面罩至少 - 六个. 由于低或没有免, 去拥挤的地方至少一年)

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