Wednesday, 17 September 2014

How to Cook Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker (Lunch Box) [如何利用电饭锅烹调燕麦粥(午餐盒)] & 【愛上燕麥片的理由】

How to Cook Oatmeal in a Rice Cooker (Lunch Box) [如何利电饭锅烹调燕麦(午餐盒)] & 【愛上燕麥片的理由

Most people, including myself, will cook oatmeal in a pot and thus have to stir it constantly.  I was asking myself is there any way I can make better use of my times while the oatmeal is being cooked.  I found one.


Here is another great invention by the Koreans – “Kessler Multi-Function Electric Lunch Box”.  Using the aluminum pot inside Lunch Box, the whole cooking process will take 30 minutes BUT I don’t have to stir the oatmeal constantly.


Here is my way of cooking oatmeal:

·      Add 200-300ml of water to the pot inside Lunch Box (adjust to your preference)

·      Add any vegetables such as onion, carrot, tomato, celery, spinach, potato or any other vegetables to start the cooking process

·      For dinner, I don’t add any meat (I don’t take meat anyways) or fish as I took fish for lunch. You may add a portion of fish if you didn’t consume fish (protein) during the day

·      Let it cook for 20 minutes then add your oatmeal to the aluminum pot

·      I don’t add any salt during the process

·      30 minutes later, oatmeal and vegetables are cooked.  I will add a table spoon of light soy sauce to my oatmeal.  I can afford so because my sodium level is within range.

If you have an improved way to cook oatmeal, your sharing is much appreciated.


Matters to Note (应注义事项):

Please note that diet should be adjusted in according to individual’s requirements. 

My Phosphate test result has been below the acceptable range, most of the times, since the surgery in May. Consuming oatmeal has pushed my Phosphate result to the acceptable range.







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