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White blood cells (WBC), also called leukocytes, are produced in the bone marrow, and typically work as part of the immune system to fight off bacterial and viral infections.  (白细胞在骨髓导致和典型地工作作为免疫系统一部分与细菌和病毒感染战斗)
From my discussions with Post Transplant patient, most has encountered low WBC.  With a low WBC, one’s immune system will be weaken and thus inducing viruses such as BK Virus and CMV.
A WBC count is a test that measures the number of white blood cells in one’s body. This test is often included with a Full Blood Count (FBC). Your blood contains a percentage of each type of white blood cell. Sometimes, however, your white blood cell count can fall or rise out of the healthy range.
Leukocytosis is the medical term used to describe a high WBC count. Conditions or illnesses that can trigger a high number include:

·             anemia

·             tumors in the bone marrow

·             leukemia

·             inflammatory conditions, such as arthritis and bowel disease

·             stress

·             exercise

·             tissue damage

·             pregnancy

·             allergies

·             asthma


Leukopenia is the medical term used to describe a low WBC count. Conditions or illnesses that can trigger a low number include:

·             HIV

·             autoimmune disorders

·             bone marrow disorders/damage

·             lymphoma

·             severe infections

·             liver and spleen diseases

·             lupus

·             radiation therapy

As I have encountered low WBC before, for this post, I will concentrate the natural methods available to increase WBC, which include:

(1). Take Zinc (采取锌)

Studies have shown that even a mild zinc deficiency can increase risk of infection.  Consume more oysters, beef, lamb, wheat germ, and spinach.

(2). Take Folic Acid (采取叶酸)

One of the side effects of excess intake of folic acid is an increase in WBCs. A deficiency of folic acid can also lead to anemia, which is a low level of red blood cells. So if you’re low on either, increasing intake of folic acid may help. Eat more spinach and beans

(3). Take selenium (采取硒)

Selenium is required by the body for proper functioning of the thyroid gland, and may help protect against free radical damage and cancer. A deficiency in selenium can lead to pain in the muscles and joints, unhealthy hair, and white spots on the fingernails. In long term cases it may even lead to Hashimoto's disease, a condition in which the body's own immune system attacks the thyroid. An excess of selenium can lead to bad breath, diarrhea, and even hair loss (硒由身体是必需的对于适当起作用甲状腺,并且也许帮助防止受到自由基损伤和癌症。在硒的缺乏在肌肉可能带领痛苦和联接、不健康的头发和白色斑点在指甲盖。在长期案件它也许甚而导致桥本的疾病,身体的自己的免疫系统攻击甲状腺的情况。硒剩余可能导致口臭、腹泻和甚而掉头发)

Top 10 Foods Highest in Selenium ( - 高名列前茅10食物):

1)    Brazil Nuts

2)    Seafood (Oysters - Cooked)

3)    Fish (Tuna - Cooked)

4)    Whole-Wheat Bread

5)    Seeds (Sunflower)

6)    Pork (Lean Tenderloin - Cooked)

7)    Beef & Lamb (Lean Beef Steak - Cooked)

8)    Chicken and Turkey (Turkey, Back or Leg Meat Cooked)

9)    Mushrooms (Crimini)

10)  Whole Grains (Rye)

For further details on the Top 10 foods, here is the Original Article.

(4). Eat more Yogurt (吃更多酸奶)

Some studies have shown that people taking probiotics had stronger immune systems than those who didn’t take them. The probiotics also seemed to boost the WBC. [Yogurt is not suitable for newly transplanted patients]

(5). Take Garlic (采取大蒜)

2002 animal study found that rats fed garlic showed a significant increase in total white blood cell count. It also seems to promote the ability of white blood cells to fight off infections, and also stimulates other immune cells.  [I prefer chopped raw garlics for better effects]

For further details, here is the Original Article, courtesy of Colleen M. Story.
Matters to Note (应注义事项):

·             Please note that diet should be adjusted in according to an individual’s requirements. 

·             Certain foods are not suitable for early stage of post-transplant patients such as Mushrooms and Yogurt.

·             Have you tried using the “Lunch Box to cook oatmeal with spinach?  I bet not many of you ever thought of it.  Give it a shot!!  I always incorporate some spinach and nuts into my dinner.

·             Discuss with your Dietitian to ensure that you are taking the right portion of all foods.  Taking excess portion of any foods will give an undue burden to your kidney [VERY IMPORTANT]. (与您的营养师讨论确保您采取正确的分量的食物。采取额外分量的食物将给您的肾脏过度的负担 [非常重要].)

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Disclaimer: I am not a Medical Doctor. All my blog postings are based on my personal experience that I've went thru and what I've read up from the internet. If you've any symptoms of diabetes OR want to better manage your health, I strongly urge you to have regular medical-ups to avoid future complications. In addition, control your diet portions and have regular exercise. 


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