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Peanut Butter – A brand with lesser Sugar {花生酱 – 这个品牌用较少的糖}

Peanut Butter – A brand with lesser Sugar {花生酱 这个品牌用较}
I like to apply peanut butter to my wholemeal bread for breakfast.  My favorite brand is Peter Pan for its low sugar content.
During my quarterly review with the Senior Consultant from the Department of Endocrinology, he mentioned that peanut butter from Marks & Spenser is a better option for me. I have tried M&S and it’s packed with nuts, and bursting with taste with much better texture.
For the sake of comparison, I have included Nutella as one of the components.  Here are the contents comparisons between the three items:
A Comparison P.Pan (Creamy) Marks & Spencer (Crunchy) Nutella
Serving Size (g) 100 100 100
Calories 656 n/m n/m
Energy n/m 538kcal 628kcal
Total Fat 53.1 50.8 31.6
- Saturated Fat 9.4 11.2 n/m
Sodium (mg) 0.4 0.2 n/m
Carbohydrate 18.8 14.8 57.3
Dietry Fiber 6.3 6.6 n/m
Sugars 9.4 4.9 n/m
Protein 25.0 24.4 6.0

Here are some interesting facts that I observed:
1.        Both P.Pan and M&S have listed peanuts as the first ingredient
2.        Nutella listed Sugar as the first item of the ingredient listing BUT why didn’t it has the Sugar content listed – isn’t that interesting?
3.        If you like peanut butter for breakfast, please chose the brand wisely for a better health
Further information on Nutella is available at “Wikipedia”:
1.        Nutella manufactured by the Italian company Ferrero.  Under Italian law, it cannot be labelled as a chocolate cream, as it does not meet minimum cocoa solids concentration criteria. Ferrero consumes 25% of the global supply of hazelnuts
2.        Nutella contains 70% saturated fat and processed sugar by weight. A two-tablespoon (37 gram) serving of Nutella contains 200 calories including 99 calories from 11 grams of fat (3.5g of which are saturated) and 80 calories from 21 grams of sugar. In addition, the spread contains 15 mg of sodium and 2g of protein per serving.  [My View – The tastier the food, more harmful to one’s health.  Now you know why they didn’t mention the sugar contents in its label.]
3.        In the United States, Ferrero was sued in a class action for false advertising that led some to believe that Nutella carries nutritional and health benefits, being touted as 'part of a nutritious breakfast'. They agreed to pay $3 million (up to $4 per jar for up to five jars in returns by customers) in an April 2012 settlement. The settlement also required Ferrero to make changes to Nutella's labelling and marketing, including television commercials and their website

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